About Hypnobirthing In York

About Baby In Hypnobirthing

How Does Hypnobirthing Help My Baby?

Hypnobirthing babies tend to be very calm and contented, often not crying at birth.

You will bond naturally with your baby and you will find breastfeeding enjoyable and rewarding, giving your baby the best start in life. Your baby will settle after feeds and will sleep peacefully.


The techniques learnt through hypnobirthing are beneficial after the birth of baby too, they can be used to help keep baby calm through moments of restlessness and teething.


All through your pregnancy baby has learnt to recognise your voice and familiar daily sounds around you which also makes them very aware of the hypnobirthing music and affirmations. The hypnobirthing music has been known to help get baby to sleep, keeping them calm and settled in new surroundings like going out in the car.

Giving baby such a good start produces a happy loving toddler who will learn and develop quickly and easily, enabling you to enjoy your new role as parents.



How Hypnobirthing Can Be Used After Birth:


  • To help baby learn when to sleep

  • Settling baby to breast feed

  • Whilst travelling in the car or new surroundings

  • To help baby when restless or teething

  • Helps to settle baby with wind and colic