About Hypnobirthing In York
About Hypnobirthing In York

About Your Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Did you know that with my 10 years of hypnobirthing practice I am one of the most experienced hypnobirthing Practitioner in Yorkshire!

Val Readman - York Hynobirthing Practitioner

My name is Val and I am a mother and a grandmother, so I have been there!


I am a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner and a member of The Hypnobirthing Association and The Royal College Of Midwives as well as being a midwife with many years’ experience on a busy labour ward and also teaching student midwives.


I have seen many changes in midwifery and childbirth but have always been impressed by the success of those mothers who have taken the time to prepare for the birth, by learning relaxation or visualisation and in recent years, hypnobirthing.


Positive, proactive preparation paves the way for a calm, relaxed and often more comfortable birth.

FREE Hypnobirthing Book & Audio CD


As part of the course you will receive your very own copy of an official hypnobirthing book to help you study and practice the techniques covered within the course (RRP £14.99).


You will also receive an audio CD of reaxation conditioning programs for calm, gentle hypnobirthing.

Practioner Experience:


  • 8 years of Hypnobirthing experience

  • Member of the Hypnobirthing Association

  • Certified Hypnobirthing practitioner

  • Qualified antinatel teacher

  • 25+ years in midwifery

  • Member of The Royal College Of Midwives

  • Brest feeding adviser

  • Taught over 200 hypnobirthing mummy's

  • A mother & a grand mother to 4 hypnobirthed babies!

Get In Touch


Everyone has different expectations, conserns or hopes for their pregnancy and birth so I welcome you to get in touch either by phone or by email / contact form, to discuss your personal pregnancy and how hypnobirthing can help you.