About Hypnobirthing In York

Hypnobirthing With Daddy 

Daddy Can Play A Vital Role In Hypnobirthing too...

It is very important that the husband/partner learns the HypnoBirthing techniques with the mother, as he has a vital role to play.

Birth transforms a couple into a family, the husband should not watch from the sidelines.

With HypnoBirthing he is completely involved in the important preparation, the labour and the birth as well as with the care of the new baby. He acts as an advocate for the mother at all times.

During labour and the birth he will use support mechanisms and massage techniques and he will apply the special hypnotic deepening techniques he has learned to enable the birthing mother to remain calm, relaxed and comfortable.

He is close and involved as the baby is born. If he wishes he may cut the cord. This level of involvement and early bonding lays strong foundations for the new role of fatherhood. This will continue as he helps with the care of the baby in the early weeks and throughout its life.



Why Is Hypnobirthing Recomended For Partners?


  • Helps daddy to bond early

  • Gives them a key role in labour

  • Advocate for the mother throughout labour

  • Enables daddy to become involved in early pregnancy

  • Instigator of the hypnobirthing techniques during labour

  • The hypnobirthing techniques leant can be used for fathers to relax from busy work life

Discribed by one father as:

"One of the best courses ever attended, learing to relax in pressured moments of work was invaluble"