Hypnobirthing Success Stories

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child it was something we had hoped for but at the same time something I was very nervous of. The second people found out I was pregnant the horror stories of long labours, complications of carrying bumps and pain relief lists where being given to me left, right and centre.

At the same time my husband was told that he needed to go in for surgery for a second heart operation which was not part of our stress free pregnancy plan. Thankfully for us someone suggested that we talked to Val about hypnobirthing as not only would it help to teach me techneques of keeping calm through my pregnancy with the added worry but some of the techniques would also be beneficial for my husband in dealing with what lay ahead.

And how right they were!

My husband loved the classes and found them a great way to step away from the daily stress and strain of work and the worry of the up and coming operation. Whenever I played my relaxation CD he would be asleep in seconds and never heard anymore than the opening lines of the birthing affirmations [I told Val she needed to add in extra phrases to encourage him to do his own ironing and pamper his wife more lol].

Anyway through the hypnobirthing classes and techniques both me and my husband learned from Val we got passed my husbands successful operation and I quite happily went into laybour on my due date!! Apparently it is very common for women doing the Hypnobirthing method to go into laybour on or around their due date.

So when it came to pregnancy number 2 the very first month I found out I was pregnant I dusted off my book, notes and got out the hypnobirthing CD ready to get back into my happy routine of listening and practicing my hypnobirthing.

Sadly baby bump number two wasn't in a rush to turn and engage [far too comfortable] but through using my hypnobirthing techniques the doctor was able to turn baby around simply by gently manovering baby through my tummy into the right position. I can hand on heart say this did not hurt one little bit and was amazing to whitness.

The most amazing thing is that I also went into laybour with baby number 2 on my due date too!! This is something my midwife found totally amazing but I truely believe that through Hypnobirthing and taking the time to visualise and connect with my baby bump, they both knew when they were ready to arrive and I felt fully in control and ready for labour to beguin.

It sounds funny but I remember reading lots about not 'pushing' or 'forcing' baby out with each contraction but instead to 'breath' the baby out through the later stages of laybour which is something I really felt with my second child.

So lastly if you are reading this and are still unsure if it's for you... I am not one to do 'meditation' - you will never find me at a yoga class or thinking I've been hypnotised. However by following the Hypnobirthing program it allows busy mummy's to take regular times out to focus on themselves and their baby, it re-enforces your confidence in labour and encourages you to enjoy this entire period of pregnancy.

It really does work and is something that every pregnant woman should be encouraged to learn.

Katie Komaromy

From: Tadcaster

Aged: 33

Children: 2 girls

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